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The Grants and Special Offerings team is grateful for the generous support of the congregation for the 2021 Easter Offering. The team is distributing a total of $30,000 to the three recipients The Grooming Project, Amethyst Place and True Light Resource Center. These local agencies are transforming lives with a range of support and services for their clients which help them move into fully independent living and working situations.

Thank you for sharing and caring and for being instruments of God’s love,

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Amethyst Place

Amethyst Place has 37 apartments with on-site programs, where families receive safe housing, basic needs, educational/vocational support, recovery and fitness coaching, as well as therapy, case management and after care.The clients served are single female-headed households. The average length of stay is 18 to 24 months, and more than 70% of their residents complete a GED or certificate program and have active income when they graduate.

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The Grooming Project

The Grooming Project trains formerly incarcerated individuals in the skills of dog grooming. Dog grooming is a well-paid field; with a growing demand for the service, groomers can make $25/hr to start and as much as $125/hr for on-site dog show services. The project has an 80% placement rate for graduates, with trainees becoming self-sufficient and contributing citizens. The organization has recently completed construction of a six-plex to house students near the training center so they have access to childcare, no need for a car, and affordable rent based on their adjusted income.


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True Light Family Resource Center

The True Light Family Resource Center provides a day shelter for women who are otherwise forced to live on the streets when overnight shelters are closed. The day shelter offers a place of community and support, and opportunities for change. TLFRC also oversees a small in-residence transition program for homeless, single adult women to prepare them for life of independence and self-sufficiency.

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