Recent Special Offering for Gardening Programs

Lara Schopp Give, Serve

Country Club Christian Church’s 2018 Easter Offering has raised more than $20,000 for KC Community Gardens (KCCG) and CEPAD, the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua. These organizations both work to help low income individuals and families produce vegetables and fruit from garden plots located in yards, vacant lots and at community sites. Villagers in Nicaragua and low income Kansas City residents face challenges in obtaining the fresh fruits and vegetables they need to have healthy balanced diets. There are areas in Kansas City that could be called food deserts because there is only access to high sugar, high-carb foods.  In Nicaragua the typical village diet is rice, beans, and corn tortillas and highly sugared coffee.  These diets which lack fruits and vegetables lead to obesity and health problems here in Kansas City and in villages in Nicaragua.

Thank you to all who gave generously to this offering.