Electronic Vote for 2020-2021 Lay Leadership

Lara Schopp Church Governance, Church Life

The Bylaws of Country Club Christian Church require that no fewer than 150 members of the congregation ratify the slate of Officers, Elders and Deacons that have been recommended by the Nominating Committee and the Congregational Board to lead the church each year.

Please review the names of your peers who have accepted leadership roles in the coming year and then cast your vote to Approve or Reject the slate of nominees.

Voting begins at noon on June 14, and you have until 12:01 a.m. on June 21 to cast your vote. If you prefer, you may call 816-381-9241 and leave your name and record your vote with a spoken Aye or Nay, instead. We invite every member to take part in this important act of community. 

2020-2021 Nominations

Congregational Board Past Board Chair: Jeff Zimmerman

Board Chair: Tepring Crocker

Board Chair Elect: Matt Moeder

Secretary: Kay Moffat

Treasurer: Phil Howes

Personnel Committee Chair: Mary McClure

Past Elder Chair: Anne Hoffman

Elder Chair: Jayson Parker

Elder Chair Elect: Shelle Jensen

Board Member 1: Eric Adler

Board Member 2: Sara Christensen

Board Member 3: Erin Feitz

Board Member 4: Karen Gallagher

Board Member 5: Becky McElduff

Board Member 6: Kay Moffat

Board Member 7: Tom Thornton

Endowment Fund Trustees:
Kathy Buckley
David Hess
Ed Pasley

New Deacons:
Sam Copeland
Liz Copeland
Justin Cottrell
Craig Doty
Jenny Doty
Stacey Lukas
Jeremy McElduff
Sheryl Piskuric
Tom Thornton

Renewing Deacons:
Daun Ardelean
Pat Conway
Jeff Gibbs
Kristi Gibbs
Cheryl Herbert
Sharon Hildebrand
Amy Holmes
Martha Hodson
Marie Hunter
Gabe Kranz
Ann McCray
Bob Moffat
Matt Moeder
Mary Lynn O’Connor
Ed Pasley
Evan Patterson
Craig Place
Nancy Ralston
Sandra Reddin
Tim Reddin
Vickie Riddle
Brian Ritter
Mike Schaefer
Lisa Schmidt
David Showalter
Joyce Statler
Steve Statler
Courtney Sullivan
Cindy Thornton
Nancy Watson

Youth Elders:
Jake Bartlett
Duncan Bennett
Grant Bough
Elizabeth Crocker
Mason Hedrick
Breck McGuire
Lauren McGuire
Caroline Schopp
Russell Smith
Aislinn Sullivan
Riley Zschoche

Youth Deacons:
Andrew Bennett
Roman Demarco
Weston Hedrick
Amelia Hicks
Claire Langford
Blake Petrie
Jack Pipia
Olivia Smith
Gray Sullivan
Chloe Swan

Nominating Committee:
Jennifer Austenfeld
Karen Gallagher
John Lehoczky
Bob Moffat
Steve Rogers
Amy Rose

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