In response to the tragic shootings in recent weeks some in the congregation have asked for action steps they might take to accompany our prayers. In the days after the shooting, local Kansas City clergy gathered to call for increased gun safety and better mental health as well as a host of other options. For those who wish to encourage elected leaders to do something different in order to heal and bring wholeness to our fragmented world, the Everyday Justice small group of the church provides the following resources. It is up to each of us to advocate for what we see are the next best steps.

If you would like to speak up by contacting your senators, here are some helpful tips:

Template: Fill in the name of your senator, state, along with some information about yourself at the beginning to guide your contact.

Dear Senator [NAME],

I am… and I am writing out of deep concern for the safety of our common people, particularly our children, with the ongoing crisis of gun violence across our country. Enough is enough, and action must be taken to pass common-sense gun safety laws that would help curb violence and protect innocent lives.

We have more regulations in place for baby cribs than we do gun safety measures yet based on a report from US Consumer Product Safety Commission only an estimated 30 babies die from a crib related accident each year; contrast that with 1839 children who die from gun violence each year according to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project.

I ask the following of you now:

  • Support…
  • Support…
  • Support…

Please, [SENATOR NAME], I ask you lead our senate to start taking action and change the way our country protects their arms more than their people.

Thank you for representing your fellow [STATE] citizen in your vote.