Because of your generosity, each day children, youth and adults are spiritually nourished, and neighbors near and far are fed, clothed, sheltered, and empowered.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we invite you to consider how your generosity might further activate transformation both here in Kansas City and across the world.

Your one-time gift can support our ministries in the following ways:

  • $5 provides a meal for a hungry neighbor through one of our partner agencies
  • $10 supplies a school uniform for one child at Hartman Elementary School
  • $20 sponsors a teen for a lock-in/social outing
  • $50 purchases home-bound communion supplies
  • $100 sponsors a month of live-streaming
  • $200 sponsors a middle schooler or $400 sponsors a high schooler on a service-learning trip
  • $300 brings a guest lecturer to our church for Pathways to Learning or Monday night series
  • $500 brings trumpets into our sanctuary on Easter and Christmas

To make a gift today, click here, then choose Giving Tuesday from the drop down menu under where it says Give too…, and enter the amount you wish to give.

Thank you for making Country Club Christian Church a spiritual home where lives intersect and grace is present.