Isaiah 60: 19-22

Darkness is part of life as we know it.  We are not strangers to violence, hunger, greed, hatred, isolation or fear.  Yet, God loves us so much and wants better for us and from us.

God has provided a pathway to God’s perfect light filled with peace, fullness, contentment, love, connection and joy. Our personal journeys contain drastically diverse seasons — from periods of great joy to times of deep sadness; yet, hope remains constant.  In all seasons of life, we can connect to God’s perfect light — with thanksgiving in times of joy and seeking comfort in days of sorrow.  As we prepare for the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus, be watchful for glimmers of God’s perfect light illuminating the darkness.  Join your church family on Christmas Eve to experience how a single point of light can brighten the darkness and a Sanctuary filled with glowing candles reflects the love of God for all people.