We started the day off with an amazing trip to the Tocagon Church. What started with a beautiful opening hymn, ended with a cute play put on by the kids in the village. The church service was far different from an American service. Lasting over two and a half hours, the service included an hour sermon, a play about domestic violence, and songs that echoed and filled the entire church. Put simply, it was a spectacular time.

After the church service we went to rural Otavalo. We learned about Toratora, which is a plant that grows really tall. Toratora is used to make baskets, floor mats, and furniture. At the end of our trip, the guides gifted us with cute llamas made out of Toratora.

After our tour, we went back to the market. The market was far less eventful on Sunday then it was on Saturday, but not in the sense that it was boring. The market was super crowded and busy on Saturday; whereas, virtually no one went on Sunday.

To finish the day, we played soccer with some Ecuadorians. Although we would inevitably get destroyed, it was easily the highlight of the night. The way both the Americans and Ecuadorians came together to bond and laugh over a ball made my day.