New Rideshare Program Announced

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A new partnership will bring together church members who cannot drive to church and those who are able to offer rides. Country Club Christian Church is now participating in the volunteer rideshare program JET Express which is operated by Jewish Family Services. Used by more than 200 riders, this service provides upwards of 300 trips each month.

“Our hope is that our elderly members will use this system to request rides to church for worship and other activities,” says Greg Lear. “Members who drive can offer a much-needed ministry through this system. Drivers can check the database and arrange to bring someone with them on Sunday or to choir, classes, or socials.” Greg has been volunteering with JET Express for a year and a half and has provided about 70 rides.

Beyond trips to church, our driving members may also provide a ministry to other neighbors who need to go to medical appointments or shopping. The JET Express motto, “More than a ride,” reminds us that offering transportation is an act of compassionate service.

How Does JET Express Work?
Eligible riders request rides by calling the JET Express office at least five business days in advance. Requests are entered into a database for volunteers to check on their phones or computers. Volunteer drivers select trips they are able to provide.

Who Is Eligible for Rides?
Individuals requesting rides must be 60 years of age or older, without readily available transportation, and non-wheelchair bound.

What Is the Cost?
A one-time $25 advance payment is required. Through a special arrangement with JET Express our church will be billed for rides to the church. Members who use the service for other trips pay the agency’s normal $5 one-way fee.

Who Are the Drivers?
JET Express drivers are volunteers who must pass a police background check, provide proof of insurance, participate in training, and have a reliable and accessible automobile. There is no fee to volunteer as a driver.

How Often Can I Request a Ride?
The maximum number of rides is two roundtrips each week. As an all-volunteer system, some trip requests may not be fulfilled. Some neighborhoods and destinations are not included in the service area.

How Do I Sign Up as a Rider or Volunteer Driver?
Riders and drivers may sign up by calling Jewish Family Services at 913-981-8877 or visit

For more information you may call or email our church office. Greg Lear and Joe Walker are available to speak to classes, groups, and retirement communities about JET Express. Email Joe at [email protected] or text him at 816-853-5375.