A Light to Guide Us – Ryan Holmes

Lara Schopp 2017 Advent Devotions

When I think about this year’s advent theme, I think of the meaningful comforts of seeing a single light or candle lit as one arrives at their destination.

It can be as simple as a lamp in a window or a porch light that establishes you are right where you are supposed to be. It might let you know someone is expecting you and ready to welcome you, or simply a reminder to yourself that you have arrived home.

We of course remember that first light and star the wise men followed. I also envision candles shining in windows throughout history to help guide their loved ones home. Even if the loved ones weren’t expected home soon, that glimmering light made sure they knew they were missed and would know where they were going.

I think of years down the road when our young daughter will begin to spend time with family and friends away from home. While she will no doubt know her way home, there will always be a light on for her, no matter how long she is gone. And quite possibly two daddies sitting outside waiting for her!

–Ryan Holmes