Matt Moeder and Shelle Jensen Take 2021-2022 Leadership Roles

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    Matt Moeder will  chair Congre-gational Board for the 2021-2022 year.

    Matt and his wife, Valerie (then longtime girlfriend), visited the church in the spring of 2011 in search of a church home as they started their lives together. They officially became members in November 2012 and got married at the church in September 2013.

    Matt and Valerie were first drawn in by the worship services, which they found to be rich in tradition while exuding warmth and inclusiveness, but also offering a practical connection to God. They also found the wide and diverse range of classes, study and social opportunities compelling. But, Matt shares, initially it was the people of the church who impressed them most.

    “I have never met a community like this one. My family has been enriched by church members in so many ways over the past decade from the genuine welcome that we received when we were new members, to the many times when we were consoled and comforted after my brother tragically passed away in 2013 and then my dad passed away nine months later, to the love that was shown after the births of our children, to the many friendships that we have formed. This community has a deep affection for one another.”

    Matt has previously served in leadership as a deacon and on the Congregational Board. He was also on the Discernment Committee, established after former senior minister Glen Miles’ departure, that spent several months gathering input from the congregation about the characteristics, skills, and experience the church wanted to see in a new senior minister.

    “As Board Chair, my primary responsibilities are to represent the interest of the congregation and to ensure that the ministers and staff have what they need so our ministries can grow and flourish. As we chart our course post-COVID, we need to be cognizant of the lessons we learned during the pandemic and envision how our community of faith can best serve its members and the broader community in these changing times. I believe that we must continue to modernize and strategically use technology to reach people where they are, thereby broadening the church’s impact and relevance in people’s lives. Lastly, we must strengthen our ministries that focus on social and racial justice initiatives as we are called by Christ to ensure dignity and equity for all.”

    Matt grew up in Overland Park, and graduated from the University of Kansas. He worked for Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore before attending law school at UMKC, graduating in 2011. He was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Jackson County, Missouri, for five years and has been Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney’s Office since 2016. He and Valerie have
    two sons, Levi (6) and Grant (3). “I would love to communicate with members directly! Please reach out as I’m always eager to hear from folks directly about their thoughts and concerns,” Matt said.

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      Shelle Jensen will serve as chair of the Elders during the 2021-2022 church year. 

      Shelle was born into Country Club Christian Church. Her parents, John and Martha Jane Stewart, became members in 1960. Shelle was in the Pastors’ Class in 1974 and was baptized on April 7, 1974 when she was 11 years old. She still has the original program from that baptismal service.

      As an adult, Shelle found the church to be a comfortable and familiar place, but the openness and acceptance of all people with different religious upbringings and backgrounds is what made her want to raise her own family in the same congregation. “As I’ve grown in my spiritual faith and throughout my life experiences, I have felt loved and accepted and also have felt the church was able to meet my spiritual needs in times of great joy and times of despair and worry.”

      Shelle has served in many leadership roles at the church including on the congregational board, deacon, elder, endowment committee, and various ministry teams. She has taught Sunday School and helped with youth groups.

      As chair of the elders, one of her goals is to create more connections between the elders and deacons. “I would be thrilled if every deacon and elder at our church felt like they had gotten to know someone new in the next year; made a new friend and gotten spiritually close to another person at this church, then I will feel like I’ve accomplished something,” she said.

      “Through the years I’ve learned that human relationships are the most important work in life and directly affect all other aspects of a person’s life. I am continually working on my relationship with myself and my God;  I remind myself every day that people are the most important product this world offers and I need to treat them with dignity, respect and love. ” 

      Shelle attended the University of Missouri. In her early career she worked for a fine jewelry magazine and traveled internationally. Shelle and her husband, Dan, have four children; Betsy, Stewart, Kurt and Charlie, all raised at Country Club Christian Church. Daughter Betsy and husband, Jim Leonard, are members and were married at the church in 2014. They are parents to Shelle and Dan’s first two grandchildren, Charlie and Olivia. Stewart and Hannah Jensen, married in 2018, are the parents of our third grandchild, Lily Jensen. Shelle currently works part-time for Bee Organized, a home organizing and transitional moving company. 

      Shelle is a nature lover, and especially enjoys the mountains; hiking, biking and skiing. She finds spiritual guidance and comfort in nature.

      “I’m excited to serve as the elder chair and hope that people feel comfortable contacting me if they have questions, suggestions or concerns,” she said.

      To email Shelle click HERE.