You may have heard some new names and seen some changes implemented in organizational structure recently as it relates to the mission of volunteer activities, mission trips and granting financial aid to worthy organizations. It is hoped these historically strong areas at Country Club Christian Church will be even stronger in the future.

And our newly revamped, redesigned and much improved website will make all of these opportunities more readily known and the results more visible to all.

Over two years ago an effort was undertaken to review the various volunteer service projects, mission trips and outreach financial grants that the Church was involved in and the structure that those areas were operating under.

The general feeling was lots was being done but there needed to be a better structure for coordinating the various activities and forming a foundation where those three areas would work more closely together and in the end accomplish even more.

A task force committee was formed under the name of “Mission Possible” and was chaired by Mary McClure and it worked to analyze the way things were being done and to consider new structures.

The group set out with a Mission Statement to guide it and it was:

Our Mission is to transform lives using our time, talent and resources.

We transform lives and the lives of those we serve in a positive way locally and around the world using our time, talent and resources. Putting God’s grace to work we will reduce hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and increase access to medical care and quality education.

Jumping ahead to today a new structure has been implemented and the Outreach and Mission Coordinating Team currently chaired by Nancy Lear has been established to have an overall role in coordinating the funding, work and mission of our congregation’s ministry teams involved in mission and outreach. Those teams are:

  • Grants and Special Offerings ministry Team chaired by Lance Jessee
  • Metro Mission Ministry Team co-chaired by Ed and Carol Pasley
  • Mission Trip Ministry Team chaired by Betsy Wilson
  • Northeast Partnership Ministry Team chaired by Barbara George

This structure will support our efforts in volunteer work and financial grants and special offerings so that our efforts in these areas will be intentional and use the time, talents and resources of our congregation most effectively. The expected result is we will involve the most people and the most money to the greatest effect in doing God’s work through Country Club Christian Church.  It will also streamline and coordinate the budgets for all of these areas.

For many more details about all of these Ministry Teams, activities they are involved in and how you can participate please click here.

For more information recapping activity that has taken place in volunteer hours, dollars granted and agencies being helped by these four Ministry Teams, click here.