As Team 1’s time in Mungeli is nearing its end, we continue to keep busy. Susan Garner has taught eight yoga classes, Susan Thorne and Nancy have given messages in morning chapel, Rick and Elizabeth have helped move the pharmacy to its new location, Karen has worked with another guest here on ideas to help the teachers in the Rambo School. We have watched surgeries, ridden the school bus, sat in on classes and continued to get to know the staff and students in the Rambo School and the nursing school. Friday evening, we hosted a party for the interns (4th year nursing students) in the guesthouse. They ate lots of chocolate and popcorn and we got wonderful henna designs on our hands and arms. The highlight Saturday is a visit to a “bonesetter village.” Sunday we plan to attend worship at the nearby Disciple of Christ Church before heading to Delhi for two days of sightseeing. Stay tuned.

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