By Paul Cutelli, Director of Technology

Is there anything quite as unsettling as moving? Up until a year ago, I was blissfully ignorant of the logistics of relocating my family of three roughly fifteen blocks south. It felt like the world got turned upside down, put into boxes, and we shoved them wherever they would fit so the floors could be finished and the shelves installed in the basement. For that whole period of time, “home” was not a place, but something we—as a family—were discovering.

I find a number of parallels from our move to South Hyde Park to my recent office relocation and change in role at the church. In the literal sense, the transport of the myriad of files and binders, shelves and furniture to room 109 was almost the same as when Kae and I were hauling our books and clothes into our newly purchased house… both processes were tiresome and left me wondering if I just had too much stuff.

The more apt observation, however, comes from the metaphor of the moving. My comfort zone—my work “home,” as it were—had changed just as much as my physical location. I was scared (being the worrier that I am) that with this new role I would show vulnerability or some flaw, and that it would reflect poorly on me. I am eternally grateful that this has not been the case; in fact it has been quite the opposite. I feel as though the shift in responsibilities has given me a challenge that has nurtured me, as cheesy as that might sound.

To each and every one of you who have visited with me these last few weeks and given me words of encouragement and cast a vote of confidence at me as the Director of Technology of the Country Club Christian Church: I give you my heartfelt thanks. You have all helped me on my “moving day.” You have helped make my new role home.