Native Plant Sale

Lara Schopp Adult-ministry, Congregational Care, Connect, Serve, Serve Our Church, The Well

What do milkweed, garden phlox, wild ginger and purple coneflower have in common? Besides being native perennials (which require less water after the first year, are grown without pesticides and feed/support pollinators), these varieties along numerous other native plants are available for pre-order on Sundays.

Find a visual display of choices on the bulletin board near the elevator, fill out an order form which can be submitted along with your payment in The Well. On Mar. 29 and Apr. 5, knowledgeable garden experts will be pleased to answer questions and offer guidance.

The cost of each plant is $2.50. Herbs will be available for purchase too. Pre-orders with payment are due Apr. 5. Orders will be available for pick-up in the parlor on Apr. 19.

Start dreaming now; sketch out those plans; consider a Mothers Day gift. Think of all the possibilities!