Neighborhood Communion Small Groups

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New Neighborhood Communion Small Groups Starting Soon

Sign up is open now for new winter/spring Neighborhood Communion Small Groups, which will meet between February and April.

Neighborhood Communion Small Groups are a fellowship concept designed around the idea of communion and community—gathering with others in a casual setting to share fellowship, food and guided discussions developed by Dr. Mike Graves. These gatherings are an opportunity for people to connect and relate in authentic ways.

Last fall,  10 new groups began meeting, with 102 people participating.

“The small group value is getting to know people in a relaxed setting over time. We’ve become one community and I always look forward to getting together,” said Beckie Rogers, who participated in a group last fall.

We are also seeking group leaders who would be willing to host gatherings in their homes. If you’d like to lead a group, or if you’d like to sign up as a participant, contact Barbara George,  or 816-381-9251.