Neighborhood Communion

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You are invited to participate in small group gatherings in your neighborhood. This time is for fellowship and guided discussions developed by Dr. Mike Graves. Gatherings to be held between Oct. 15 and Nov. 16. Deadline for participation sign-up is Sun., Oct. 7. Contact Barbara George at [email protected] for more information. Contact Barbara George at [email protected] for more information.

What is Neighborhood Communion?
Community Fellowship Small Groups

Wondering what our new Neighborhood Communion gatherings are all about? Here’s a handy Q&A that explains it.

Q: What is Neighborhood Communion exactly?
A: Neighborhood Communion is a small group fellowship concept designed around the idea of communion and community—gathering with others in a casual setting to share fellowship and a small bite to eat.

Q: What’s the purpose?
A: Neighborhood Communion gatherings are an opportunity for people to connect and relate in authentic ways. When we feel connected, we’re more likely to feel fulfilled on our faith journies, and more likely to engage in new and different ways. This helps us remember some things are too important to do alone.

Q: How does it work?
A: It’s easy! You indicate you interest in participating and then you will be connected with a group of around 10 other members and friends of our church.

Q: How are groups organized?
A: Ideally you’ll be connected with a group that is in your general neighborhood or geographic area, subject to the number of people participating.

Q: What’s the format for the gatherings? When are they?
A: A group leader will set the time and location for the first gathering and help guide discussion, but after that the rest is up to your group. Your group might decide to rotate the host home, you might take turns bringing a small snack to contribute to the “communion” meal. Each group will meet three times between Oct. 18 and Thanksgiving, for approximately one hour.

Q: How do we do the communion part? Will there be prayers, bread wafers and grape juice?
A: As Dr. Mike Graves has taught us, historically speaking communion wasn’t a quiet, serious, somber ceremony. It was all about intimacy, inclusion, and joy. Communion is about caring for each other, sharing life as well as bread and wine.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Contact: Barbara George at 816-381-9251 or click here.