A New Thing at 9:01

Lara Schopp Adult-ministry, Children & Families, Connect, Visitor Information

In the book of Isaiah, there’s a verse that reads, “Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Is. 43:18-19). This fall the church is doing a new thing with our 9:00 service on Sunday mornings, but not so new that folks should forget the things of old. It’s more a combination of the best of both.

For the last six months a task force has pondered what people love best about the outdoor service each summer and what that might look like indoors. If you’ve been to the outdoor service, you understand. Words like “casual,” “family-friendly,” and “intergenerational” quickly became the essence of what we envisioned.

We are calling this new service 9:01- Sacred Space/Modern Message as a way to honor our gorgeous architecture while reaching people with a timely message for our day. The 9:01 reference also echoes something in found in Psalm 90:1, about how God has been “our dwelling place in all generations.”

Families are encouraged to join the regulars at 9:00 a.m., and also to invite people not currently attending our church.

Here are some of the basics of what this new service will look like:

  • Casual in feel and attire; you really can come as you are.
  • Lively and engaging music, drawing from the best of historic hymns and new songs.
  • Families with children will be invited to participate by lighting candles, reading scripture, and collecting offering.
  • Children who attend can partake of communion or receive a blessing and hear a children’s sermon before departing to choir and other age-appropriate activities for the second half of the service.
  • A time of prayer and sermon in the second half will allow adults to be fully present and focus on God.

Two Q&A sessions have been scheduled to answer any questions you might have about this new service.

Sun., July 15, 9:45-10:05 a.m. with Rev. Carla Aday in the Library

Sun., July 29 9:45-10:05 a.m. with Dr. Mike Graves in the Library