A 9-member team leaves Saturday, Jan. 24 for a week in a village in rural Nicaragua. Team members are Rev. Carla Aday, Stephanie Pilkington, Mary Wood, Clayton Hasser, Ken Hubbell, Lance Jessee, Velma Simmons, Sue Rempel and Josh Timock. The team includes a doctor, two nurses, and three first-time mission trippers.

The team will be traveling with over 500 pounds of supplies, including:
1050 toothbrushes
32,500 prenatal vitamins
24,750 children vitamins
25,960 adult vitamins
430 tubes of antibiotic ointment
Plus lots of other medicines donated through the collection connection (either direct donation or purchased through money collected).

The team will be working in new village, Susuli, near Matagalpa, and staying at the CEPANA farm, the same facility one of our previous teams utilized. Check back for updates and hopefully a report on Raul, the young boy we’ve helped with medical treatment on previous mission trips.