Now More Than Ever – Nancy Ralston

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By Nancy Ralston
Nancy has been a member of Country Club Christian Church for more than 20 years. She is a deacon and serves in a multitude of capacities, including on the Green Team.

A former Country Club Christian Church minister once said that there are three reasons why people go to church: to be renewed; to be reconnected; and to be reminded. So what happens when Church is closed? There is an old saying found in our church history that says, “Where there are people, the Church must be.” My take on that is each one of us carries our church inside our hearts. If we, the members of Country Club Christian Church, are the church, then our
church is always open.

I am so thankful for the amazing and dedicated people on our church staff who are always open. While this virus among us is slowly wearing us down, our ministers and staff renew my spirit and strength. The live stream worship services reconnect me to our church family and reassure me that there is much more to life than COVID-19 and fear.

I am reminded that as a Christian who tries to follow the teachings and example of Jesus, now more than ever I must do my part to serve those in need, no matter their zip code. This virus has laid bare the suffering of so many, not just from sickness, but from the many injustices and unmet basic needs still present in our community. Our strong Metro Mission Ministry continues to partner and serve with agencies working in our communities to provide basic needs to those who were struggling to take care of their families long before the virus came to town. I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and serve here, along side so many caring and dedicated fellow Christians.

Our beloved church building may be standing on beautiful Ward Parkway in the Country Club District, but our roots go back to 1839 and that very first Christian Church in Kansas City. Our church history tells us that the church building was a plain, brick structure with only a tower, a bell and a pulpit, built in a cornfield located near present day 12th and Main Street. This was
the beginning of a long history of Christian churches loving and serving our neighbors in the community.

Now, 181 years later, you and I are the stewards of this great legacy and we must do our part to ensure that our church, our people, can continue worshipping, loving, caring and serving.

Dr. George Hamilton Combs said it best. There is so very much to do.

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