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Thank you. 
Thank you for your messages of support and encouragement. Thank you for your hours of service and support of our mission partners. And thank you for your support of this year’s giving campaign, “Now More Than Ever.” 
Though this season has been challenging for all of humanity, the spirit, grace and hope that has risen up among us is inspiring. You empower our church to continue to serve at this moment when we are needed, now more than ever. 
On Sunday, May 31, we dedicated the many gifts symbolized by your Giving Estimate cards, which currently represents 184 giving estimates, totaling $860,348.80, with 89 increases and 11 new pledges. 
If you have not yet had a chance to return your Giving Estimate card, it is not too late to do so, or your may submit your estimate for the 2020-2021 fiscal year using the links below.

There are so many stories about how we are continuing to embody the spirit of God during these unprecedented and uncertain times. 

Because of your generosity:

  • Our streamed worship has enabled us to double attendance, reaching friends locally and around the world.
  • Our mission teams have stocked bare food banks, distributed masks to first responders, sent emergency grants to mission partners, and served catered lunches to hospital workers.
  • Children and Youth continue connecting through emerging electronic mediums as well as writing old-fashioned letters to senior adults.
  • Adults are finding solace, hope, community and guidance in Prayer Ministry, Monday night classes, small group gatherings, AA, and more.
Through your gifts, the hungry are fed, souls are nourished, equity and justice are affirmed, and people are transformed. Together we proclaim the good news of God’s love for all.
Thank you for empowering our church to continue to serve at this moment when we are needed, now more than ever.

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We will dedicate your gifts in worship on Sunday, May 31, so please return your Giving Estimate by that date. The 2020-2021 church year begins July 1 and ends June 30. There are many ways to give. 

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[/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][cs_element_row _id=”37″][cs_element_column _id=”38″][cs_element_button _id=”39″][/cs_element_column][cs_element_column _id=”40″][cs_text _order=”0″]Call In or Email Your Giving Estimate – You may call Rachel Clement, Director of Finance, at 816-381-9256 or email her by clicking the button to the left.

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Read these stories about why now, more than ever, Country Club Christian Church is important.

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David Hanzlick – Director, Program and Development, Sheffield Place

In this trying environment, the concern, kindness, and generosity of friends like the members of Country Club Christian Church are valued now more than ever. Read more…

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Nancy Ralston

A former Country Club Christian Church minister once said that there are three reasons why people go to church: to be renewed; to be reconnected; and to be reminded. So what happens when Church is closed? Read more…

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Sara and Chris Christensen and Stanley

We’d be hustling in at 9:03, 9:04, 9:06 a.m. …wondering if Stanley would make it through the service or if he would squirm and squawk his way to the back of the sanctuary…or even farther.

We’d say hello to friends who are now more like family. In the parlor we’d make note of the Collection Connection item of the month; we’d look at upcoming church events and get signed up and make notes in our calendar.

Read more…