One Voice – J. J. Jones

Lara Schopp 2017 Advent Devotions

During high school, I was part of a choir that performed One Voice. Like many, music causes me to picture certain imagery or causes emotions to swell within me. I can’t explain why, but every time we sang – Just once voice, Singing in the darkness. All it takes is One Voice …, the mental image in my mind was that of a single candle burning in a pitch-black space. The music continues to grow and build and speak to there being more than one voice singing when you look around.

As we light one candle this Advent Season, let us be the one voice singing in the darkness – providing a warm meal for a neighbor in need, sharing a friendly smile with the child who has just lost a parent, engaging in productive, civil conversations about caring for refugees from around the world … the list of darkness in our world is long. But, if we each let our individual light shine we will soon look around and see a beautifully illuminated world where His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

–J. J. Jones