Pathways to Learning – Winter/Spring 2020

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Pathways to Learning is a series of elective offerings open to everyone, focusing upon timely topics on the Bible, spirituality, current events, family life and technology. 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. in the Social Hall.

Caring for Creation in 2020
Jan. 12 • Led by Kristin Riott, Executive Director, Bridging the Gap
As Christians, what’s our role in taking care of God’s creation? Get a big-picture view of sustainability efforts in Kansas City, and how you can get involved.

Making Sense of the Cross
Mar. 15, 22 • Led by Dr. Mike Graves
The cross is one of the most central icons in Christianity, adorning churches everywhere. But what does it mean? What was accomplished on the cross with the death of Jesus? Together, we will explore these questions as well as what scholars call models of atonement, how we are made right with God. (Note: This is a repeat of a Monday night class from last fall.)

Interfaith Dialogue: The Abrahamic Traditions
Apr. 26, May 3 • Led by Mahnaz Shabbir, Sheila Sonnenschein, and Kris Kvam
Most people are painfully aware of the tensions between various faith traditions in our world, especially in this post-Holocaust, post-9/11 world. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that Jews, Muslims, and Christians are related, each of them as children of Abraham. On these two consecutive Sundays, we will have an opportunity to hear from three women as they talk about their own faith tradition and how they relate to one another’s faith perspectives.