Congregational meeting to be held following each service on April 8

A congregational meeting was held on Sun. Feb. 25, where the congregation was introduced to some proposed changes to the church bylaws, which are recommended by a Governance Review Committee and the Congregational Board. The Governance Review Committee was appointed by Board Chair Leeann Blundell and began meeting in October 2016. The committee’s mission was to dream about an optimal governance model, review our current model, survey and analyze other organizations’ governance models, and propose any changes needed to empower the church to the most effective ministry possible.

The changes suggested are two fold: 1) bring the bylaws into alignment with current church practice; and 2) streamline the board and its committees by both reducing their size to reflect current best practice, and by reducing time demands on our volunteer board members. At the February meeting, the Congregational Board voted unanimously to recommend these changes to the congregation for approval.

A brief meeting will be held at the end of each worship service on Sun., Apr. 8 for the purpose of voting on the proposed by-law changes recommended by the Congregational Board. You may read the proposed changes here. (Paper copies available in The Well or church office.) Steve Bough, the chairperson of the Governance Review Committee will answer questions about the proposed bylaw changes at a meeting in the church library on Sun., Mar. 25 from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Special thanks to those who have served on the committee: Lance Jesse, Betsy Wilson, Stan Cyphers, Cindy Irey, Jay Lehoczky and Kathy McDandel. Additionally, Leeann Blundell and Scott Glasrud participated as Board Chairs, Betsy Wilson served as a past Elder Chair, and Glen Miles and Carla Aday participated as Senior Ministers.