This past month I’ve been focusing on taking time for Sabbath rest for myself.  The other day I was sitting in a coffee shop reading scripture and someone asked what I was doing.  I told them that I was taking some Sabbath time.  This person knows what I do for a living and asked “Isn’t reading scripture part of your job…so it wouldn’t be resting, right?”  I started to reflect on what it means to be truly in Sabbath rest.  Can I be working, but have moments of “spirited rest” in my work?

I started to reflect on what about my work as a minister provides energy that is needed in order to continue doing the things that I love.  It’s the fact that I love that when I walk into work on a Monday I know that I will be seeing some of my favorite people, it’s the fact that when I lead worship I feel as though I’m helping other people connect with the divine, it’s the fact that I think people under 18 are hilarious.  .  I’m not saying that what I do for a living is always sunshine and roses, but what I am saying is that I find energy in church work.  I find life, in my work I find moments of rest. This doesn’t excuse me from stepping away every now and then and taking some time to be secluded. It does help me The life of a disciple is one of dedication.  When we are truly fulfilling our call, we are fed.  It’s tiring sometimes, it’s tedious, and even scary.  With all of that in mind, it also provides the rest my soul needs.