Sermon Series: Recalibrate

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So much of life has been unsettled or disrupted by the global pandemic we are living through.  Even gathering in our sacred space to reconnect with God and each other has been disrupted.  As with a bathroom scale that sometimes needs to be recalibrated to zero, we also need to take action to re-center ourselves in God’s realm.  This series will look at how characters in the Bible faced unsettling historical moments and rather than give in to fear, they took action to live out their faith. 

Sept. 13, Part 1: Build an Ark. Rev. Carla Aday preaching
Sept. 20, Part 2: Plant a Vineyard. Rev. Carla Aday preaching
Sept. 27, Part 3: Share Bread. Dr. Mike Graves preaching
Oct. 4, Part 4: Hold Fast. Rev. Carla Aday preaching
Oct 11, Part 5: Sing. Rev. Carla Aday preaching