Sermon Series: Walking Together

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How would you describe our church to a friend, or to a co-worker curious about our church? Coming up with the best words is not always easy. You could say:

“We meet people where they are and walk alongside them on the spiritual journey to a life with greater meaning.”

Over the next three weeks, Carla and Mike will guide us in developing a vocabulary for what is most sacred to us and discovering the courage to share it.

Sun., Aug. 14 - Part 1: You Are Here

Based on John 4: 3-19. Rev. Mike Graves preaching.

Sun., Aug. 21 - Part 2: Stay with Us

Based on Luke 24: 13-34. Rev. Carla Aday preaching.

Sun., Aug. 28 - Part 3: Choose Life

Based on Deuteronomy 30: 14-20. Rev. Carla Aday preaching.