Outreach Funding Program Application


Please review these policies, then scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the application form. 

The Outreach Funding Program of Country Club Christian Church provides financial support to nonprofit organizations that promote Christian beliefs and principles through services or program.

The following guidelines have been established to assist your organization present a grant request in a manner consistent with our review and decision-making process. Following these specific guidelines in preparing your proposal and in submitting the requested attachments will enable the Outreach Council to make a prompt and well-informed decision on your request.

Should you have any questions concerning whether or not your proposal fits within the scope of the giving guidelines or priorities, we suggest you send a brief letter of introduction explaining your organization and the specific project.

Contribution Policies

Decisions for funding requests are made by the members serving on Country Club Christian Church Outreach Council. Funding is made only to organizations that are tax-exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to Section 501©(3) and are not classified as private foundations with the code.

Funding Categories

The Outreach Funding Program provides financial assistance to organizations in three categories. Organizations requesting funds will need to indicate in which category they are seeking consideration of funding. All organizations that seek funding consideration are required to complete an application, provide supporting materials and indicate the specific amount requested.

  1. Sustaining Grant – Typically, funding requests to this category are meant to support programs or services for a one-three year time period. Organizations receiving funding through this category will be required to provide an annual written report detailing the impact of the gift. Gifts and pledges made in this category typically range from $2,500 to $10,000 a year and are not made for more than a three-year period. Organizations can reapply only after the Sustaining Funding has ended. The deadline for submitting a Sustaining Grant request is the first business day of May.
  1. Special Grant – Grants made in this category are intended to fund one-time annual requests for services or programs. Organizations receiving funding through this category will be required to provide a written report at the end of twelve months detailing the impact of the gift. Gifts made in this category typically range from $500 to $5,000 a year. Organizations may submit a new application every twelve months. The deadline for consideration of Special Grant support is the first business day in September, November, February, and May.
  1. Special Offering Grant – Programs or projects considered in this category are funded, fully or in part, through special offering opportunities presented to the congregation of the Country Club Christian Church. Gifts made in this category typically range from $8,000 to $12,000 a year and require a presentation to the Outreach Council detailing the need. The deadlines for consideration of this type of support are February 1 and October 1 of each year.

Funding Priorities

The Outreach Funding Program seeks to make investments in communities in the hope that they can be built upon, leveraged with other gifts, and remain intact as the cornerstones of community improvement.

It is the belief of the Outreach Council all gifts, when combined with human energy, can result in significant change for the better.

Priorities include programs that are Christian in nature with emphasis on organizations associated with

Disciple of Christ ministries, human service organizations with emphasis on children and youth programs, and programs that foster education toward ministry and religious education. Organizations with smaller operating budgets in which the gift will make a greater impact receive stronger consideration over those with large operating budgets and multiple funding sources. Other priorities include organizations in which members of the congregation are, or can become, actively involved.

Types of Support

The types of support granted through the Outreach Funding Program include general/operating funding, program development, curriculum development, continuing support, equipment, seed money, annual funding, emergency funds, matching grants and capital campaign projects, conferences and seminars.

Except in most unusual circumstances, the Outreach Funding Program does not make grants to:

  • Individuals – except as scholarship funds
  • Publications
  • Deficient funding
  • Telethons, dinners advertising or other sponsorship fundraising situations
  • Groups that have not been in existence for more than three years
  • Foundations, fraternal organizations and endowment funding

Geographical Restrictions

Primary giving to local programs, projects and services, emphasis on organizations within the Disciples of Christ denomination, local, national and international programs within the interest of the congregation.


Click here to download a PDF of the application. Online application coming soon.