By April Booth, Director of Children’s Ministries

One Sunday during the children’s sermon we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he loved people and the ways he showed love by serving them. As we talked about things we’ve done to serve – working in the garden at Urban Farming Guys and making cookie jars for the teachers at Hartman School – the children’s faces lit up as they remembered.

When you think back on the ways you have served in the past does it make you smile? What service project is next on your calendar? Can you bring your child, grandchild, niece/nephew or neighbor along? When we provide opportunities for children to serve we are teaching them how to love and value other people, cultures and spaces.

One of the most formative times in my life was when I served in AmeriCorps. It was 10 months of meeting new people and learning new skills, but the biggest thing I learned was how to appreciate the differences in the people around me – those with whom I was serving and those who we were serving.

The next service project we have planned for children is on Super Bowl Sunday – we are heading to Harvesters to help pack food for their Back Snack program. If you’d like to come and bring a child/youth RSVP to April.