Myth Busters

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Do you remember that show “myth busters”?  They would take a common belief that we hold and dispel it with the actual truth. Well last Monday, as Dave and I hosted a dessert gathering for the most recent new members of our church, I had a few myths busted.

God Finds Us

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

My friend started coming to church and sitting on the back row. It was a rough patch in his life. He liked the music, the silence, the encouraging words from the preacher. But he never spoke to anyone, slipping out before the final hymn.

We Are All Called

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

Install. The goal of the day was installation. Men were coming to install a new dishwasher in the morning, a new washing machine in the afternoon. Maybe the garage door installer would also show up to give us a bid. When the green and white truck pulled out of the driveway before noon, we were smiling and enjoying hearing the quiet hum of the new dishwasher. Then I turned on the kitchen faucet and no water came out. Something in the installation had gone terribly wrong.

On Watching

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

I am writing to you from the monastery in Atchison where 125 Benedictine nuns are eagerly awaiting 600 guests who are coming to watch the full solar eclipse. An astronomer from the Vatican will be here to speak and they are serving hot dogs on the lawn. One nun giggled as she pictured people stopping on the highway to see the moment that hasn’t happened for 99 years and will not happen here again in our lifetimes.

Together in a New Way

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday

I had never been to Kansas City. A vivacious and beautiful young single woman in a brown Oldsmobile sedan picked me up from the airport. The next thing I knew I was seated at a restaurant on the Plaza and there was a large Texas state flag hanging on the wall behind our table. For two days I met with various committees from the church. They packed a lot of the saints onto those committees.

Walking the Way

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday

  I heard giggles. It was dark and I wasn’t sure who was behind me. We had departed the crackling campfire and were traversing the starlit path back to our lodge. “What is it?” I asked, not wanting to miss out on a good joke. And then these two young …

“Yes Jesus, But…”

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Listen to Rev. Carla Aday’s sermon, “Yes Jesus, But…” from Sun., Sept. 4. In this sermon Carla recounts her experiences volunteering at the Mediterranean Hope, an Italian humanitarian organization. Dr. Glen Miles recommends this sermon as one of the best he’s ever heard.