By Rev. Chuck Pickrel, Director of Student Ministries

Every summer, hundreds of (Disciples of Christ) children, youth, and adults make their way to a magical place not far from the heart of Kansas City. They will play, eat, listen, and worship together. New friends will be met, old friends will be hugged, and great memories will made.

Tall Oaks is holy ground for just about every current and former (Disciples of Christ) youth from the greater Kansas City region. Any who have spent time at camp there have experienced something that isn’t easy to put into words. Sure, there are beautiful views in literally every direction, comfy beds in air conditioned cabins (that’s rarer than you might think…), a great pool, high/low ropes challenge courses, horses, and AMAZING food… but there’s something else. Tall Oaks is alive with the Holy Spirit. Walking around you can feel it, it’s impossible to ignore.

The experiences that have been shared at Tall Oaks have left an impression that will only grow and intensify in time. Long after all of us are gone, the love we have shared there, the games we have played, and the songs we have sung… they will all resonate through that place for future campers to hear. I can’t wait to go back this summer.

There are many opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy Tall Oaks. From grandparents camp to High School conference, camp counselor to employee, there is an opportunity for YOU.

Check out the website for more info, registration forms, and pictures. Also, talk to me if you have any questions, I love talking about camp at Tall Oaks!

Hope to see you out there this summer!