Caution Radiation Area – Team 2 Arrives

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Just to the right of the pulpit, a sign warns “Caution Radiation Area.” A tender young nurse in a white sari stands at the pulpit clapping her hands and leading the songs for morning chapel. So what is the danger?

The old chapel has been demolished. Built in the 1950s, it was literally falling down. So while the architects rebuild, morning chapel has been moved temporarily to the oncology waiting room. About 100 nurses, faculty and staff gather each day at 7:30 am to sing, pray, read scripture in Hindi and English. The bongo drums and tambourine support the singing. So what is the danger?

Today 14 Americans clap along. Six senior nursing students from University of San Diego and eight members of Country Club Christian Church. Could it be that these prayers and songs are dangerous? Radiation sends high energy waves that transform the body. The chapel service sends high energy waves to transform the body of Christ. So enter at your own risk

For here in this space, rich and poor, old and young, American city folk and Indian rural folk sing together the songs like “Jesus will not fail you” Little children and their mothers are lined up outside the door peering in to see what is happening. Maybe they can see the invisible energy, the spirit of God unleashed. Danger: transformation ahead. . . . . .

Team 2 has arrived for the second half of the India Mission Trip.









The old chapel at the Christian Hospital Mungeli.








The chapel service in the oncology building.








The remains of the old chapel.