Team 2 is Airborne

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E. J. Becker is our blogger for Team 2 and the second half of the trip.

Tuesday, January 13th, 1457 CST, 2057 UCT (universal coordinated time — when it’s 0830 UCT in Kansas City, it’s 0830 UCT in New Dehli. Knowing this is key understanding all that follows, so pay close attention.).

India team 2 is airborne, en route to Atlanta, the world’s second most annoying airport. (waving) hi Newark!!

hannah, Mary Linda, Stephanie and I are all currently at 35000 feet eating biscoff cookies and hoping that we remembered to pack toilet paper. in Atlanta, we expect to be greeted at the gate with the traditional 12 oz. bottle of Coke (a lot like getting a lei in Hawaii, only with slightly more processed sugar and fewer hula girls) and then meet up with everyone’s favorite horned frog/show pony (jamon james sends his regards) ken hubbell.

then it’s a 17 hour flight to Amsterdam and another 20 or so to new Dehli. after a couple of days there with team 1, they will head home and we will head on to central India and our turn at Christian hospital Mungeli. (btw if you fat finger Mungeli, autocorrect will type Mongolia — different trip altogether!!)

more questions than answers. questions about living conditions. sensory overload. poverty. food. customs. smells. usefulness. similarities. differences. and the unknown.

anticipation grows with each passing mile.

to close, a shout out to our fallen missioneers Shirley, Clayton and Big G. we miss you already but your absence meant free upgrades to business class, so….

check back soon for more. till then, God bless.


Understanding this blog post (and anything else e. j. writes): capitaliZAtion will be random at best. punctuation will be purposeful! if not always correct. do not be surprised by irreverence, hyperbole, embellishment, abbreviation, footnotes or looong dependent clauses that require you to refer back to the beginning of the paragraph to remember “what IS he rambling on about,” and occasionally, just every now and then, a nugget or two that might reveal the presence of God where we might not have expected to find it.

btw, I typed this whole thing with my right index finger. (not the left one. avoid the left hand at all costs!!!)

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