The ABCs of an India Mission Trip

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…and the tradition continues as team 2 presents:

“the ABCs of an India mission trip.”

-A is the Ambulance that acts as our bus, 

-wasn’t a Boar, but a tiger!! Big fuss!  (sorry group 1.)

-C is the Chapel that starts off each day, 

-Dung’s everywhere, often mixed with hay. 

-English is spoken in both of the schools, 

-the Food’s been amazing and everyone drools. 

-the indian people are a Gentle sort,

-Honking the Horn is a national sport. 

-n-ICU, full of tiny babies, 

-Jackals like tigers are no longer maybes (seriously team one, not trying to rub it in). 

-Kingfisher…it’s both a bird and beer,

-Lots of tb cases are treated here. 

-bath-in-a-bucket is how Most Mornings begin,

-Nirmal takes bus 3 for its daily spin.

-Outpatients are treated in the “ODP,”

-slow down because Presence is a ministry! 

-Quiet? i’d say mungeli can’t do it, 

-Roti or Rice? just add curry to it!

-Sir is what everyone here calls the boss, 

-Taj Mahal’s stunning. no words. at a loss. 

-“Unity and diversity” speak with one voice,

-Vishnu, Vibrant, pure Veg. tough choice. 

-White House hotel, our Delhi address, 

-X-ray tech Sarah shares the guesthouse mess. 

-YouTube for how-to’s on Indian chow, 

-Zero: how many times we’ve eaten a cow. (hey, it’s gotta rhyme.)

god bless,


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E. J. and Stephanie in the OR


The group with Chris, volunteer coordinator and head of quality control.


Early morning school bus pick up.


Out on the town with guardian angels.