6:30 AM CEPAD compound: Everyone is up and out of bed and in good spirits with coffee and the smell of breakfast in the air. Presumably rice and beans? Last night, at the airport, we met up with the group from North Carolina, who seem like a bunch of good-natured honest folk. They must’ve arrived a little bit before us, because some of their group had already left for the compound by the time I got out to the bus. We did have some delays at customs, but Carla is our example in ways to do the Lord’s work, even at the risk of detention. (You can ask her about the details!)

Last night, and again this morning, I am meeting new people and learning names. Many members of our group have worked with the North Carolinians before; one of the North Carolinians, named Billy, is very popular. I was shown pictures of him riding a mule from last year.

Living large in Nicaragua!

-Eric Ziegenhorn




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 Our team stumbled upon a parade celebrating the Patron Saint of Matagalpa.
 Gathering supplies
 Yelba, friend of the team, and her family.