Dreams of the Next 100

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

A hundred years ago, some folks decided to build a church. Several lots were considered and finally 61st and Ward was chosen. The cost of the first building was estimated at $50,000. But when the bids came back, it was actually going to cost $60,000. They met to decide what to do. One option was to cancel the project. How were they going to come up with an extra $10,000 in those post-WWI years when young families moving into this new subdivision had so many other claims on their pocket books? Luckily for us, a large dream compelled them to move forward.

This coming fall and moving into next spring we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Country Club Christian Church. For almost two years, a team of people have been meeting to plan for this momentous occasion. Lesley and Peter Holt are serving as our Centennial Chairs with Kay Barnes and Tom Van Dyke serving as honorary chairs. In October 2020 we will have a special Homecoming Sunday focused on looking back at our first 100 years. Then in in April 2021 we will launch the “Next 100” years of ministry in this place. And in both celebrations, we will remember and celebrate what God’s spirit has done among us and seek to follow that spirit into a future that we cannot yet know.

A second component of this celebration will be a Centennial Gifts Campaign, led by David Forsee, Mary McClure and Amy Guthrey. You may have attended a listening session last summer or completed a survey about possible projects that would prepare us for the future. Our leadership has listened to you and we are now preparing to move forward.

I am deeply grateful to all of these persons for their wise and dedicated investment of time, talent and treasure into this pivotal moment in our church history. They have lent their compassion and vibrant energy to celebrating our past and envisioning our future.

You will hear more about the Centennial Gifts Campaign in the weeks and months to come. April and May will be a time of focused energy where all in the congregation and community will have an opportunity to take the same bold move that our founders took 100 years ago. I invite you to begin praying now for the plans that God is leading our congregation into as we move into our next century of ministry.