There is always room for more…

By Andrea Bough

She was only six months old, but we knew that we wanted to find a place that she could grow and be surrounded by a faith community that would love her and cherish her as much as we did. Little did we know how all of our lives and our family would grow and be blessed in the last 18 years.

When we walked through the door of Country Club Christian Church over 18 years ago, we only knew one person and did not know if we would come back a second time. Today, our table is full … but there is always room for more.

Who has taken a place at our table? Friends who have been there when we have faced the darkest and the brightest days as parents. Friends who have asked us to stand up with them as they have proclaimed their love for one another. Friends who have agreed to watch over our children no matter what. Friends who have enjoyed a glass of wine and a laugh. Friends who have become our family.

This year she will leave Kansas City and the physical safety of her church community. However, she will never leave the sense of community and the love that has surrounded her for the past 18 years. For the table that is set here is built of solid wood, filled with love, and open for all to take a seat.