tuesday, 25 february 14, 2145cst, gringo gardens grande hotel and spa

Day two in the village.  Construction work is moving along well.  Our nicaraguan partners are excellent craftsmen.  And they do great work without what “we” would consider the tools necessary to do such a job.

Something else they do really well…baseball.  In what may be the oddest game any of us have ever played, wes (a team member from n.c.) figured out that there are only two bases and first, where he ran, wasnt one of them.  Hit the ball foul, you’re out.  2 infielders, a midfielder (sorta second and short in one) and outfielders.  And those guys are good!

The clinic finally received approval to open from the governing authority. (Every year they want new documentation before they let us start… And it’s totally random stuff. The final piece of info that sealed the deal this year: the total number of mission team members who had read at least one book off of oprah’s reading list.  I mean, really?)

Nancy applies a flouride treatment. Carla to the left.

How the clinic works– 1) a community leader lists who needs to see a doc. 2) vital sings taken. 3) triage nurses do background eval. 4) one provider sees adults, another sees children.  5) runners (assistants) gather medicines and coordinate follow-up. 6) rinse and repeat.  Day 1 saw probably 30+ patients, a very good start.

There may soon be a birth in the clinic too.  A chicken (named consuela) has taken up residence under the sink and is waiting for her egg to hatch.  A small miracle waiting to happen.

Wednesday, more construction, more clinic and no doubt both very different from the day before.  (Btw, check out Twitter for shorter, more frequent updates.)

tuesday children
New friends.