Tyler Heston Biography

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Tyler Heston joined the staff as Minister of Youth in August 2018, fresh out of seminary and excited for his first call in ordained ministry. Tyler is new to Kansas City and is thrilled to call it a “home” alongside Memphis, Tennessee, where he grew up, and Fort Worth, Texas, where he attended Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.

In eighth grade, TyIer responded to a question in a school assignment that in ten years, he would either be a roller coaster designer or a youth minister. Engineering school wasn’t his call, and ten years later, here he is. He finds it an enormous gift to be invited into some of the most formative moments in young persons’ lives and is convinced that everyone has a lot to learn from youth, who are wide-eyed and not yet weary of the world.

Tyler also serves on the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance Council, which works towards a more just and inclusive church across the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Outside of ministry, he spends his time practicing yoga, reading, seeing live music, and drinking coffee (lots of coffee).