Uprooting Racism: Celebrating Black History

Lara Schopp Adult-ministry, Congregational Care, Connect, Serve, Serve Our Church, Youth Ministry

February is Black history month, a time in which people across and beyond our country take extra effort to learn about and celebrate the rich legacy and history of Black individuals and communities. By celebrating Black history month, we have a chance to take a fresh look at our collective history and lift up stories that have often been suppressed and to ponder how our future might be more just for all people, especially Black people who have suffered undue injustice and unequal treatment since the beginning of our nation. We also have a chance to look at the stories of Black joy and celebration— remembering that Black communities in America and beyond have done more than just struggle against injustice but have rich stories of life and love that deserve to be elevated in our collective conversations, not just in February but all year long.

Here is a very-much-not-comprehensive list of ways you might learn more about Black history and get involved with justice work in our city and nation.

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