This month I am focusing on Sabbath as my spiritual discipline. Doing your taxes doesn’t sound like Sabbath, but I did everything I could to avoid having to do this very scary task. Numbers have always scared me. My best friend works at the coffee shop that I frequent, and when he found out that I haven’t had the courage to do my taxes he said “You are going to come to the coffee shop and you are going to do them, and I will cheer you on.”

Like all other things in my life that I’ve put off because I’m scared it wasn’t half as bad as I expected. I sat on the computer and worked my way through the e-filing system. When I finished I looked at the man sitting next to me and said “I just did my taxes by myself for the first time…ever!” He smiled and said “you are my hero!”   I went up to the counter and told my friend that I finished, he beamed and did a happy dance with me. My community allowed me to conquer my fear. Sabbath means taking time to stop the fear-driven expectations to succeed and obtain, and take time to just be you. When it comes to being me, that means being silly. It’s silly to be afraid of taxes, it’s silly to dance for doing what is expected of you. I happen to like my silliness. I like the fact that I can go to a place where people support my silly side and will let me fail and win. In order to enjoy who we are…we need to be in communities that let it happen. Sabbath can only happen when you are allowed to rest. I pray you find your community that lets you be your resting self.