Worshipping from Afar

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By Dr. Dina Pannabecker Evans, Director of Operations and Co-Director of Music

In the place of my perspective, I offer this letter from my parents (with their permission):

Dear Dina,

How excited we were to hear that Country Club Christian Church was going to livestream its Sunday morning worship service! It would give us a chance to do what we could so seldom do previously: hear you play the organ during worship service.

We’d long known that you were interested in music; your favorite activities as a young child included both “playing” the piano and playing “business” … perhaps an indication of a much later interest in both music and finance!

So now when we come home from church here, we pull up our rockers in front of the TV and watch the Country Club Christian Church livestream on the TV screen. We don’t watch the television as we usually do from our sofa; indeed, we feel like we’re part of the “cloud of witnesses” joining those in the sanctuary in worship.

We especially appreciated it on the two Sundays when icing on the roads here resulted in our decision not to attend church; without their knowledge we “joined” your congregation those days. It feels good to be included as part of the Country Club Christian Church worship service.

Mom and Dad