Your Gifts Matter

Lara Schopp Give

Rachel Clement, Director of Finance

I am blessed to receive your annual giving pledges but also to see your gifts at work. Each time I write a check to pay a bill I am reminded that your contributions make so many things possible. The generosity of your gifts should be celebrated.

This year was the year of safety upgrades! First, was an upgrade to the exterior lighting. When I stepped out of an evening meeting this fall after daylight savings I couldn’t believe the difference! The parking lot was so well lit it gave me a greater sense of safety. There were interior lighting upgrades to the sanctuary and chapel. We also installed many cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the building.

Next up on the safety front were repairs and upgrades to some of our electrical systems. One upgrade you may notice was to our exterior electrical outlets. You will see the luminaries from the Christmas Festival were left out and now they will come on every evening with our exterior lights. How beautiful that will be for our friends driving down Ward Parkway! This upgrade will also help out during our outdoor worship in the summer.

We love to receive your yearend gifts. Over the last year and a half we received donations to remodel the youth center. It is now a beautiful and inviting space! This year we received a generous donation to replace the carpet in the chapel. I was just over there and wow! Between the carpet and the lighting upgrades this space was transformed.

There are so many ways to make a gift to the church. You can give through our online giving with your credit card or automatic deduction from your checking account. I have already received many calls from members donating stock to the church. And of course we always accept checks and cash! Please remember now is a great time to bring your annual pledge up-to-date. All gifts to be credited for the 2018 tax year must be in the church office by noon Mon., Dec. 31 or if mailing, postmarked by Dec. 31st.

I know you have many options when you consider your year-end giving but I hope that you remember that gifts to Country Club Christian Church touch lives in so many ways, both inside our congregation and in the world at large.

Thank you for your thoughtful and generous support of Country Club Christian Church and its ministries at this time of year and all year long.