A Thanksgiving Prayer

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During this season of giving, we are grateful to you for your generosity to Country Club Christian Church.

Thank you for your faithful support of our ministries, today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Prayer

In this season, O Holy One, we give you thanks
for your many good gifts…
For crisp nights and bright autumn days,
for colored leaves blanketing the earth,
for dappled horizons calling us into your future.

For our friends and family near and far,
for those who came before us, never to be forgotten,
for those who will come after us, remembering our names.

For stained glass and timbers covered in stone on the parkway,
for the songs and prayers that echo in that place of worship,
for the people with whom we have worshiped and will again.

For the bread and wine that sustain us on Sundays,
for the horns of plenty on our tables in this season,
for the cornucopia of your grace, always abundant.

For reminding us that this bounty need not be hoarded,
for the day when all your children shall be fed,
for the time when all shall feast at your heavenly table.

For all these things and more,
We give you thanks, O Holy One.