The Combs Legacy

Be a Part of the Next 100 Years

What is The Combs Legacy?

The Combs Legacy is named for George Hamilton Combs, founding minister of Country Club Christian Church. The Combs Legacy includes those who choose to make end-of-life financial gifts to the church through planned giving. Such gifts from Combs Legacy members create a living legacy that furthers the church’s mission beyond the givers’ lifetimes, sustaining the church’s ministries for future generations.

What is The Combs Legacy’s mission?

The Combs Legacy is a path that allows all those who love Country Club Christian Church and believe in its missions to include the church in their estate planning. Additionally, The Combs Legacy allows the church to gratefully recognize the commitment of those members to the church’s future and provides an opportunity to thank them for their generosity in the name of the living Christ. Furthermore, the acknowledgement of their commitment becomes a testimony itself, inviting others to share in the blessings of true stewardship.

Why now?

As Country Club Christian Church looks toward its 100th anniversary, we seek to nourish and support the future missions and ministries of this congregation. Financial gifts through planned giving will put the church on a sound financial footing to further God’s will at 61st and Ward Parkway.

Who are The Combs Legacy Members?

Efforts are underway to identify those who have already named Country Club Christian Church in end-of-life giving. Moving forward, we invite all those who care about the future of the church to become Legacy members by naming Country Club Christian Church as a beneficiary in their estate planning, regardless of amount.

The request of any member wishing to remain anonymous will be honored, though it is hoped the growing list of names will in itself serve as an inspiration to others to participate in this legacy building opportunity.

What types of gifts qualify as part of the growing of a living legacy?

Becoming a member of The Combs Legacy is as simple as naming Country Club Christian Church as a beneficiary in any of the following types of planned gifts:

Wills: Including Country Club Christian Church as a beneficiary in one’s will is an excellent way to create a future gift for the church. Many members have already done so and will now be a part of The Combs Legacy. Others may wish to contact their attorney to learn if a codicil can be added to their wills to include the church as a beneficiary.

Life Insurance Policies: Life insurance policies are a relatively simple way of including the church in planned giving. Forms to modify beneficiaries to include the church are available through a person’s insurance company. Country Club Christian Church could be named to receive a specific percentage of the proceeds of your policy.

IRA or other Retirement Account: Naming Country Club Christian Church as the beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement account could in some cases be a good avenue to create a planned gift. When you leave a tax-deferred gift such as an IRA to family or friends it becomes taxable income. Depending on their tax rate, the family members or friends may be required to pay a significant amount in federal income tax. Since Country Club Christian Church is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, 100 percent of a gifted IRA will benefit our ministries.

Charitable Gift Annuities: Charitable Gift Annuities are an attractive way to provide lifetime income for an individual or couple, create an income tax deduction for the donor and leave a planned gift for the church. Country Club Christian Church works with the Christian Church Foundation to establish gift annuities. The minimum amount is $2,500. The actual annual percentage rates are based on the ages of the individual or couple creating the gift annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Another way to provide lifetime income, enjoy tax deductions and make a larger gift to benefit Country Club Christian Church’s ministries is through the creation of a Charitable Remainder Trust. These gifts require the creation of a trust document and are funded with $100,000 or more. They can be a very attractive and tax-effective way to use highly appreciated land or stocks as a planned gift to your church.

How are The Combs Legacy gifts managed?

Unless the church is otherwise advised by the donor, gifts become a part of Country Club Christian Church’s Endowment Fund. Distributions of moneys from the Endowment Fund are for the benefit of the church and its programs. The Endowment Trustees, a governing body elected by the congregation, safeguard the distribution of the funds as designated so that the funds best meet the mission and ministry needs of the church.

How do I become part of The Combs Legacy?

Contact the church office at 816-333-4917