Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Ministry Team is an umbrella organization encompassing many diverse programs, all with the goal of addressing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of older adults, the sick and physically challenged, and persons experiencing stress or loss in their lives. 

AA and Al-Anon

Groups for those dealing with alcohol related difficulties. Click here for more information. 

Daily Prayer Line

Call 816-333-4920 to hear a daily prayer offered by members of our clergy, elders or deacons, and leave prayer concerns when you call. You may also email prayer concerns at any time by clicking here.

COVID-19 Financial Assistance

Country Club Christian Church has established the COVID-19 Financial Assistance program to provide temporary relief to congregation members, and those recommended by a member. With the current health crisis comes economic hardship and instability for many in our community, and we are grateful that we can help in some small way. Click here for more information.

Prayer Ministry At Home

For our homebound members and friends, sign up to receive a monthly postcard with prayers that we as a congregation are offering on behalf of individuals and our community. For information: [email protected] or 816-333-4917.

Prayer Ministry

A ministry of intercessory prayer that meets virtually. Volunteers are welcome and guidance is provided. For information: [email protected] or 816-333-4917.

Faith and Grief Virtual Support Group

Our Faith and Grief Virtual Support Group offers a safe place for those who grieve to remember, listen, and pray together. The loss of a loved one or friend may have been very recent and your grief may be very immediate and intense. Or you may have lost someone years ago and an anniversary or similar event has reawakened that pain. This ministry is a collaboration St. Andrew’s Episcopal, St. John’s United Methodist, Second Presbyterian, Atonement Lutheran, Village Presbyterian, and Country Club Christian Church. For information, 816-333-4917 or click here.

Circles of Care Phone Ministry to Homebound

You can help nurture friendships across the generations in our church. Phone calls help our elderly and shut-in members stay connected with the rest of our congregation and excited about our ministries. One hour per month commitment. Everyone welcome. When it becomes possible to visit homes and retirement communities again, some homebound members will appreciate in-person communion calls. For information, contact Joe Walker, 816-333-4917.

Cards and More for the Homebound

Children are invited to draw, color, or write a card or note and then that is forwarded to their homebound “pen pal” to brighten their day. For information, contact Joe Walker, 816-333-4917.

Seasonal Gifts

Volunteers deliver small gifts to our shut-in members during the Christmas and Easter seasons. We welcome volunteers and gift ideas for this ministry.

Stephen Ministry

The Stephen Ministry training prepares volunteers to offer care and support to church members experiencing transitions, challenges and loss. For information, contact Joe Walker, 816-333-4917.

Aging Transitions Workshops

We offer workshops on aging, transitions in the later years, downsizing, and end-of-life planning. For information email Lisa Tang or call 816-333-4917.

Funerals and Memorials

Country Club Christian Church offers support and assistance to individuals and families who have lost a loved one. Please call 816-381-9249 for more information or to speak with a minister.

Memorial Flowers

Families may remember their loved ones by donating toward the memorial flowers in church. For information, contact Lisa Tang, 816-333-4917.

Columbarium and Rose Garden

A columbarium and rose garden outside the George Hamilton Combs Chapel are available for the interment of cremains. Please call 816-333-4917 for more information.

Green Burial Options

For more information about burial practices which are gentle to the body and return the loved one to the earth from which they came, click here, or contact Joe Walker

Care Notes

Resource pamphlets which offer helpful information and spiritual encouragement regarding many of life’s crises. Available in the display area across from the main office and in the Congregational Care office at no cost.

Parenting College Students

The college and young adult years are always filled with transitions that families have to negotiate, but this academic year we have the added stress of a pandemic and economic depression. Parents of college students are invited to an occasional conversation to share joys, concerns, observations, and questions in a confidential setting. Pre-registration required. For information on the next gathering email Lisa Tang or call 816-333-4917.

Knitting Ministry

Share your talents by knitting items for women and children in developing countries, for shut-ins and other needy individuals. Please call 816-333-4917 for more information.

Sewing Ministry

Share your love of sewing with other church members to make masks, bed linens, lap robes for shut-ins, and other projects. Please call 816-333-4917 for more information.

For more information about the Congregational Care ministry, or to volunteer your time in one of these areas, please contact Rev. Joe Walker, Minister of Congregational Care.

Congregational Care News & Activities