One Size Does Not Fit All

What do you do when someone you care about is hurting? Maybe you have a friend struggling with debilitating anxiety or a family member sinking further into depression. Maybe you have a neighbor grieving an untimely death.

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Back to Prayer

In his newest book* Christian Wiman tells about the night his wife was traveling for business which left him alone with their 4-year-old twins. He thought all was going well until one of them woke up in the middle of the night and said she couldn’t sleep. He gently suggested to her blue Read More...

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God’s Gracious Acceptance

My husband had a minor medical procedure the other day. By mid-late afternoon he told me that what he really wanted for dinner was pizza. And he wanted it delivered from a specific vendor. How easy is that? Pizza ordered. Done. Two and half hours later, I had made four calls to Read More...

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Prayers for Ecuador

In October of 2023, thirteen of us traveled to Ecuador to work with our mission partners amid brewing political violence in the country. It’s a testament to the trust we placed in our partner organization, FEDICE, to keep us safe while we committed ourselves to working with the community as part of Read More...

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