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Mike Graves preaching "Turning Points - Part 4: Living with Saudade" based on Psalm 137

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  • Imposing and Impossible Texts
    The first five books of the Bible (aka, the Torah) are full of wonderful, heartwarming... and troubling stories. Led by respected scholar and Rabbi, Michael Zedek, we’ll explore some of these challenging narratives together.
  • Trunk or Treat 2022
    Save the Date! Trunk or Treat 2022 will take place in the church parking lot on October 30, 4:00-5:30 p.m. Click to find out more or sign up to host a trunk!
  • Sermon Series: Turning Points
    Back-to-school and Labor Day are turning points in our calendars. Having a child, burying a loved one are also turning points in our lives. Scripture is full of turning points as well, major moments in the sweep of God’s relationship with our ancestors in the faith.

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