Youth Ministry

Country Club Christian Church’s Youth Ministry serves grades 6-12 and has opportunities for faith formation and relationship on Sundays and throughout other days of the week during each month of the calendar year.

Our Mission

Country Club Christian Church is committed to joining with youth to have fun, grow together, learn about God and faith, and make the world a better place.

Our Values

Spirituality – seeking and feeling connected to God’s love.

Engagement – thinking, questioning, and serving in a fun and energetic environment.

Inclusivity – welcoming all with humility and acceptance.

Open-mindedness – teaching, modeling and experiencing diversity of thought, behavior, ability, difference and opinion.

Relational – being invested, loved and equally valued by being connected to one another.

How We celebrate Our Youth

In addition to journeying through everyday life alongside our youth we are honored to celebrate larger milestones both in Sunday worship and the daily life of our church with them.

Youth Ministry includes the following milestones, in addition to the opportunities for service and fellowship featured in the links at the left.

Pastors’ Class
Pastors’ Class provides youth, usually in the sixth grade, time, space, and tools to more clearly understand their identity as Christians and their connection to this faith community. The class begins in the spring and ends with baptism and joining the church on Palm Sunday.

Senior Celebration
We celebrate our graduating seniors in worship and wish them well as they look toward the future.  This is typically the first Sunday of May and culminates in a Senior Brunch for youth, their families, and important church mentors.

Student News & Events