Advent Sermon Series

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Advent is a season of mixed emotions.  We ooh and awe at the beauty and wonder of it all.  But we are haunted by a feeling that all is not quite right.  Blessings and joy intermingle with fear and longing.  The scriptures paint a picture of what God intends next, of how the world is about to turn, about how we too might turn and find hope and new life in the midst of the chaos.  The sermon series will help us prepare for the arrival of the Christ.

December 2
Part 1: Start Singing, Zephaniah 3:14-20
Rev. Carla Aday preaching

December 9
Part 2: Be Not Afraid, Luke 1:26-38
Rev. Carla Aday preaching

December 16
Part 3: Dare to Dream
Rev. Carla Aday preaching

December 23
Part 4: Be Very Afraid, Matthew 2:1-8
Dr. Mike Graves preaching