Catherine Stark-Corn Biography

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Catherine has worked with children in a range of roles most of her adult life. As an elementary educator she worked with upper elementary students for numerous years after graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. From the classroom she shifted into non-profit work with organizations in the Kansas City area focused on child and youth development. Stepping into seminary brought a journey to a second career as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church.

Catherine served as a minister here from 2001-2013 with singles ministries and children, youth and families. Feeling a pull to make her own family a primary focus she stepped away from full time ministry at the church.  Over the past five years she has served in several literacy teaching roles in the Kansas City, KS school district.  Catherine returned to serve first as Interim Minister to Children, Youth and Families in January 2018, and as Minister to Children and Families in January 2019.

Traveling with her husband, reading, staying involved in her son’s high school, and public education advocacy keep her busy away from the church.